Weapons and Strength

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Weapons and Strength

Post by Gynus » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:32 am

Given the following sample of data :


I've drawn the following graphs to determine how the Weapon AP and/or Str affect the global Attack power of your character :


First thing that jumps to the eye is that those equations are linear, Which mean if you are using the same weapon, u'll get the same value out of 1 point in str no matter how much strength you already have.
You might aswell notice that those equations slope (m), so when you track how the slope is changing you get this :
All in all, The highier the weapon AP goes the more AP you get from the STR in a linear way.

I wanted to directly reflect these values on armor / defense ability to and deduct the added DMG value, but that was delayed to another time (I'm lacking some items to resume my tests).

To be continued

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