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What would be great?

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas.
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What would be great?

Post by mrbinks » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:31 pm

what would be great?

- magic hammers should also repair weapons. ( so more active pk)
- add more floors in abeyss if possible? ( future)
- bifrost add more ego for more pk
- add the rabbit in cz that drops Blood of enemy.
- ask members to help you on the forums. to get more activity
- don't change plans to quickly, maybe vote for it? with a event?

Kindly regards,

Jordy aka DarkSoS

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[Admin] Mariusz
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Re: What would be great?

Post by [Admin] Mariusz » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:36 am

1. Honestly I dont think its have anything to active PK :D Magic Hammer will stay as it is.Its even better cause koxpers will have to repair their weapons manually.
2.We will remade abyss for something more than it is now in future.
3.There is like 10 egos already no need to be more. Its more interesting if people have to fight for spots.
4.We will do.Just need to thought about how it should be and preapre.
5.Its on player side how active is forum. Forum is for us and for players also.More players , forums more active.We are active on forum as you can see a lot more than other owners and now its on players side how active they're.
6.I dont understand last point

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