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[23.03.2018-03.04.2018] Update Information #8

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[23.03.2018-03.04.2018] Update Information #8

Post by ADMIN » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:49 pm

Update Information #8

1. Scorpion Shield added to drop
2. Juraid Earring defense bonus fixed
3. Flame rock re-spawn time fixed
4. Volcanic Rock nova damage increased
5. Felankor Health Increased
6. Cure curse casting failed fixed
7. Job change, Nation Change, Gender change options added to NPC
8. Isiloon moved to CZ Bowl from Delos
9. Shio, Imir, Flame ring elemental dmg decreased
10. Foverin add now poison dmg
11. Treants has been added to ElMorad & Luferson Castle
12. Bowl bosses cant be lured out of bowl anymore. They'll die instantly and back to spot
13. [Master Quest] Boss has been added in front of El Morad & Luferson Castle and drops Skill Powder with 100% rate
Shieeeet :D


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