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[16.03.2018-22.03.2018] Update Information #7

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[16.03.2018-22.03.2018] Update Information #7

Post by ADMIN » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:46 pm

Update Information #7

1. Forgotten Temple fixed & balanced
2. Juraid Mountain fixed
3. Wratch added to bowl with Gem & Frag drop
4. Manes Skill added for mages at 56lvl
5. Priest Shell visual stats fixed
6. Plate Shield bonus upgrade fixed
7. Graham added to Dark Mare & Mini Dark Mare
8. Party HP Bar fixed after mage nova
9. Interface Updated
10. Chaos Stone re-spawn time reduced
11. Power Up Store updated
12. Event Schedules Updated
13. Mages 72 Skill damage increased
14. Party names range fixed in Colony Zone
Shieeeet :D


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