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Update Informations #2 22.05.2019

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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Update Informations #2 22.05.2019

Post by [Admin] Mariusz » Wed May 22, 2019 3:30 pm

Update Informations #2
1. Gigantic Axe +6 1h & 2h Elemental Visual look has been fixed
2. Assassin purple skills has been updated. They're now fail safe. No more 100dmg Spike etc.
3. Premium Potion cooldown has been corrected
4. Ressits 5 Light, 5 Glacier has been added to all armors to decrease slow/stun rates
5. BDW Requirement has been set to 2000 National Points
6. Guard Tower damage has been increased by 30%
7. Mage 72 Staff skill range has been fixed
8. Feather of Harpy Queen drop rate is now 100%
9. Master Essence & Skill Powder from Master Quest boss drop rate has been increased
10. Starting gear has been updated
11. Experience Point Bonus 1000% every weekend for newcommers
12. Castle Siege War is now active! First one will take place at 26.05 | 21:00 GMT+2
13. Skill Quest Powder price has been reduced
14. Knight Cash promotion 20% Bonus during incoming weekend
15. Issue with Busior quest has been fixed
16. Juraid Mountain is now active. Requirement 3000 NP & 70-72 LVL.
17. Kekuri Ring drop rate has been boosted


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