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Buy/Sell - item/char/gb RULES !!!

Buy & Sell
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Buy/Sell - item/char/gb RULES !!!

Post by [Admin] Adam » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:44 pm

Most important Market Rules:
12. Don't sell items/char/gb for $ on our forum, facebook groups & in-game.
13. Shouting in-game or using forums for $ sales is forbidden.
Penalty 1: 24 hours mute.
Penalty 2: Permanent ban.
14. We dont support real money transcations, you are doing it on your own risk. If you sold any item and buyer did chargeback don't ask us for help.
15. Selling items for real money is enable only on public forums like ko-cuce, games4life etc...
16. We are not helping with scam issues. Make sure that you have hard ID & PW. Use different informations than on other servers and never share it with anyone.

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