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Re: Server Suggestions

Post by Fear » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:18 pm

Administrator wrote:
Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:08 am
Hello.Thank you for all suggestions.
We just made this "topic" on facebook and forums to see player ideas & suggestions maybe some of them will be putted into server.
Keep that in mind some of ideas you've posted are totally changing server base and strutucre as it is now.As we can see what we have done now is working very well cause server is alive with pretty nice population if it would be bad or need re-made for sure you wouldnt be here for such a long time.Thats why things like changing Upgrade Rates,Stuff which would break the market and other are non sense for me.Cheers
The server is working for those who have gear already, myself included. Very few new players stick around. this is because the have to pay 2gbs+ to get a +6 or farm 30-40 raptors or shards from mini dm that have what? 5% drop rate? so you got to kill 20 to get 1 item of about 30 different items it can drop. Now redo for each piece of shell+6 . That's a lot of farming for a "light farm server". Now add in the stealth rogues that make it impossible for these guys to farm cause they have no gear to farm in cz, this in itself is enough to make people quit. And lets just say someone does farm all of this. Now they are just at a level it which they can barely compete ppl with a couple +7 will run them over and they will eventually shy away because all that farming really got them now where. +6 needs to be easier point blank. I understand you can inject all the item you want and don't understand oh rough it really is out there but this isn't for you, jock, or myself. its for the new guys on the server. I want to make it easier for them to get pk ready so they stick around and add to the pk population. maybe even take way the NP requirements for events so they can get some gems and frags. its not like they drop anything anymore.

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