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Golden Chest , BUS in Elmo/Luf

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas.
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Golden Chest , BUS in Elmo/Luf

Post by Cleopatra » Mon May 27, 2019 4:05 pm

Suggestions are here to be made and with a possible benefit of making this server even better as it is.

Firstly off is The Golden Chest, Now we'v all hear of the Red, Green and Blue Treasure Chest, as the diff gems and frags and traded endless in without geting any kind of luck at al ? We'll why not make a Golden Chest, Frag and Gem with the possibility to only Give Uniques ?

Yes it'll be much harder to get then the originals but they will be we'll worth it cause of a 100% drop accuracy !
Golden Chest will only be dropped by monsters in cz which will spawn every 8-12hours and will drop All Different kind of Uniques from the New Boss which will be are harder to kill then other bosses but will give the loot everyone desires. all classes of your clan will be satishied and players will be satisfied to see a new goal, not a bad idea or now is it ?

And Secondly = BUS&BES
Yes collecting Bus and Bes in cz and selling them is a good idea for beginners and average people to make money, But HOW many times haven't you got raped by a Sin when you we'r just started farming, Their r some Sins That love to suprise people at BLood Seekers, Beasts and Cardinals just for the Fun for making np, Which i totaly understand ok, But we are getting almost no Drops, and if so we give away easy np's to the sin's and the party they might be in.

Why not incorperate BES and BUs at Wolf family where u can farm everything u want ?

Yes their will be guys macroing the Wolfs so The wolf family might not be a good idea ? why not make the drop come from a mob which isn't easily killed by a macro bow and needs a healer to stay alive, what bout a hard mob which u cannot macro and can only defeat with an active priest ? like deruvish/apostle for example ?

Tell me what u think.

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