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Making a better server.

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Making a better server.

Post by Truck » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:46 am

i been playing KO on & off for almost 15years, i understand this is made for Old School, but that don't mean you can't change the concept into making a better future in a long run as a Server, i been here only 9day's, i can tell you with my personal opinion, as a starter looking in to your server is like having a decoration of a front viewing, if you like or feel interested you would wanna look in to it more.
1st day joining people would wanna have more action then just farming master quest for 3x before they could even try PK or farm solo, as a PVP is it a little too much to farm for to begin, now I total understand you mentioned that it was easy,
but truly it isn't that easy.

you have to look at it with another side of the worst outcome as a supporter or a player of your server, some player's join a server as a team, some don't. and for the once who comes in your server solo or just to check out the experience in your first look of a server is very hard to ask people to join.

because most the time who's been in the server regularly would be taking the same spot for bosses none stop, this goes to (Eslant) , (Master Quest Boss), (Boss That Drops WP,PP,EP)

now i'm not racist but most Turkish player's would have extra (PC) or perhaps more then (3xPC) sitting in the same spot for a whole month none stop, taking turns to keep there eye out for bosses to response one spot everyday.
then they would sell the items for people none stop,

it is like saying you want to play (Project-KO) normally you have to buy it from me in-game, is like saying there the tribal of the server,

I also understand you can farm Bless upgrade scroll and get 1GB a day, but how can you expect a newcomer do such a thing when there being attack all the time, or getting taken over by Macro user.

the most big problem is having a Premium doesn't seem any difference at all,
I've killed 5 chaos stone since I join server for 9days, not once drop a thing.

and then 2days ago I miss out 1 chaos stone, it drops (Old IN,Old ROL, ROL, Old ROC, ROM,Old ROM) all in 1 chaos Stone. how fucked up was that.

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Re: Making a better server.

Post by johndoe » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:22 am

well to be honest...this server is almost become a dead server....the gm usually logged in into the game...but now ??...i barely see even in forum it self...
i mean... you can still bounce from this...but you have to make changes.... when the game stuck to points ppl only going for PK, PK and PK and nothing else to do..you could create something new.... there's no point hold on to something (old style KO) if ppl will leave it as soon as they got bored...

i actually played this game solo...yes...to be honest...farming is quite hard... since all boss spot already guarded....

but if you, GM can hear us out....please update the game... keep the style but give something new.... ppl will return...

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